21 Viral TikTok Products From Amazon Canada That Understood The Assignment

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TikTok is the ultimate place to find trending products, reviews and cool new things to add to your cart. From game-changing cleaning products to budget-friendly beauty finds, there's truly something for everyone.

If you enjoy shopping in your spare time, then you're going to love these 21 TikTok-famous products you can buy on Amazon Canada.

Zulay Original Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker


New Amazon Favorite!☕️ #amazonfavorite #founditonamazon #amazonfinds #milkfrother

Price: $23.99

Details: You can take your at-home lattes to the next level with this handheld milk frother that'll make your milk light and airy. It's also great for blending powders like matcha and hot chocolate.


Plantifique Foot Peel Mask


yall... sprint to amazon!!!! @plantifique foot peel mask, link in bio ✨ (AD) #plantifique #plantifiqueskincare #amazonmusthaves #amazon #amazonfinds

Price: $38

Details: This foot mask is so gross but so satisfying and works by soaking your feet in exfoliating acids (like salicylic and lactic) to remove the outer layer. The result is soft and smooth feet!


EZCO Bag Sealer


Must-have gadgets for your kitchen from Amazon: part 3! #learnontiktok #amazon #kitchen #amazonfinds #tiktokpartner

Price: $19.99

Details: If you hate stale snacks then you probably need this bag sealer in your life. It'll use heat to melt the packaging together and even has a little pop-out blade for when you're ready to eat again.


Door Stop Alarm Block


Safety hack🤝Travel hack! Secure your hotel room, Airbnb, cabin, or home with this door stop alarm! #safety #safetyfirst #doorstopalarm #lifehack #diy

Price: $12.99

Details: This door alarm is the perfect portable safety solution for your hotel room or apartment. It'll make a loud sound when the pressure sensor is activated and will also keep the door from opening.


Electric Lighter


✨Best gadget for your home! #amazon #amazonhome #amazonfinds #amazonprime #finditonamazon #electriclighter #fyp

Price: $16.99

Details: This electric light will save you from constantly going through disposable lighters and still help you enjoy your candles. It's rechargeable, so you won't have to deal with loose batteries either.


Claw Clips


6 easy claw clip hairstyles #hairstyles #clawclip #90shairstyle #founditonamazon #fyp

Price: $19.99

Details: Claw clips are having the biggest comeback since the '90s and we are loving the better-for-your-hair alternative to tight elastics. They're also so low maintenance and this set comes with seven so you can throw one in your purse and your car.


Heatless Curler


Curler from @hairmaidofficial #fyp #heatlesscurls #hairtok

Price: $15.99

Details: On the topic of better hair care, this flexible rod hack going around on TikTok is a great way to enjoy perfect curls without frying your precious locks. It comes with two scrunchies and clips, so you can use it right out of the box.


Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock


Digital LED Alarm Clock #amazon #amazonmusthaves #goodmorning #CatPerson #ThisIsBliss #apartmentcheck #apartmentvibes #mood #vibez #vibecheck

Price: $24.99

Details: This sleek digital clock is a good way to reduce your phone time if you still need an alarm in the morning. You can also check your hair or makeup since it's mirrored.


Cable Management Box


zip ties next!! but link in bio 😇 code “AQ4HHEBP” for 10% off! #fyp #cablemanagement #desksetup #amazon #DontSweatIt #desktour

Price: $33.99 ($39.99)

Details: You can clean up your chaotic office corner with this cable management box that'll conceal the bulk of your cords. It has slots, so you can still access everything you need.


Adjustable Pant Buttons


@cicid0724 you are my hero #foryou #fyp #ComfortFood #CancelTheNoise #TheWildsChallenge #amazonfinds

Price: $12.95

Details: If you've ever bought a pair of pants that were a little too big then these button pins will help make them fit better. They're also great for anyone who hates wearing a belt.


Shower Phone Case


Raise your hand if you waste all your money on tiktok products 🖐🏼 #dopestamazonproducts #amazonfinds #musthaves @shower.case

Price: $21.99

Details: If you're slightly addicted to your phone, you can use this waterproof shower case to scroll through your (TikTok) feed while you wash up. You could also mount it lower for some bathtime browsing.


Microwave S'more Maker


30 seconds S’mores! Let’s try a few. 1st try Traditional #smores #amazonfinds2021 #buyitorleaveit #kitchengadgets #microwavesmores

Price: $20.99

Details: S'mores aren't just a delicious camping treat! You can make them any time at home in the microwave with this little gadget. It has a steaming reservoir to keep everything decadent and two adorable little arms that'll hold down your sandwiches for you.


Towel Warmer


Staying toasty forever 👌🏼 Keenray sent me this sweet towel warmer #gifted #fyp #towelwarmer #keenray #giftgenius

Price: $175.50

Details: If you love the feeling of laundry fresh out of the dryer, then this towel warmer will give you the same effect. It's big enough to fit towels, bathrobes, even throw blankets and it gets the job done in just a few minutes.


Mirrored Skincare Organizer


#skincare #skincareorganizer #makeup #myskincareroutine #fyp

Price: $59.99

Details: This pink storage case is perfect for storing all of your beauty products. The mirror can rotate all the way up, so it doubles as a mini vanity.


Sideways Outlet Adapter


Home tech must have from Amazon! These are a game changer. 🙌🏼 #amazonhome #amazonfinds #amazon #amazonmusthaves #amazonhaul #lifehack #hacks #fyp

Price: $8.94 ($15.99)

Details: Trying to use outlets behind a piece of furniture always turns into a workout and this sideways adapter not only helps you plug your devices in more easily but also gives you extra outlet spaces.


Game Console Case For iPhone


TikTok Made me buy it (link in bio) #amazonfinds #amazon #nintendo #iphonecase #momsoftiktok #mariobros #momsoftiktok #tiktokmoms

Price: $24.97

Details: Jump into the nostalgia of '90s games with this Gameboy-inspired phone case that'll keep you entertained when your phone dies. It has 36 games on it and it'll actually protect your phone at the same time.


Yonanas Fruit Soft Serve Maker


Link is in my bio! #amazon #amazonprime #amazonfinds #amazonfavorites #amazongadgets #amazonmusthaves #founditonamazon #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

Price: $77.31

Details: This kitchen gadget is every sweets lover's dream because it creates the perfect soft-serve ice cream out of any fruit. It would make an excellent holiday gift for the vegan in your life or if you're a parent just trying to get their kids to eat more fruit.


Glass Straws


PART 23 of my amazon addiction !!! #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #amazonfashion #amazon LINKS ARE IN MY BIO

Price: $12.99

Details: If you're all about the ~aesthetic~ then you'll love these minimalistic glass straws (that are better for the environment, too!). This set comes with four straight and four bent straws and two cleaning spools.


Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders


These electric salt and pepper grinders are from the 3000s 🧂 #fyp #amazonbuys #foryou #tiktokmademebuyit #Amazon #foryourpage

Price: $39.99

Details: These electric salt and pepper grinders are super handy for one-handed cooking. They have little LED lights so you can see how much you're dispensing. You'll never have to shake the crap out of your salt and pepper dispensers again!


Roll Up Sink Dish Drying Rack


⭐️FOLLOW TO WATCH THE SERIES⭐️ #canadianmom #amazonhack #amazonfinds #amazonca #amazoncanada #amillionlittlemoments

Price: $22.94 ($26.99)

Details: When you're working with limited kitchen space, a non-bulky tool can be a total lifesaver. This heatproof silicone drying rack will give your dishes a place to hang while they dry and rolls right up for easy storage when you're done.


Oven Puller


It might seem silly, but it’s super handy to have around! 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 #kitchenfinds #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves2021 #ourfavoritefinds

Price: $13.55

Details: If you're constantly burning yourself trying to get that pizza out of the oven then this little gadget is the perfect solution for you. It has little slots to help pull out each rack but you can use it to push in your food, too.


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