The beach is all fun and games until you're burnt to a crisp. On those off days at the beach, finding something fun to do that can get you out of the sun for a bit is necessary to keep your vacation up and running. This beachside Virginia Beach bar is the perfect place just for that and everyone in your group can enjoy something at this location.

Beachside Social is right on Virginia Beach and is the coolest place for adults to play while getting a little tipsy. This spot will give visitors an old-time 1950s feel with the decor, colors, and overall retro diner meets beachy bar vibes.

There's a huge bar with cute little pink seats, an extensive concession menu, life-sized shuffleboard, and board games. You're also just a short walk away from the beach if you wanted to go back out and hit the sands again.

Grab a Beachside Mojito or a Whiskey Hammer and get your game face on because it's every man or woman for themselves when it comes to the games here.

Shuffleboard and Bocce Ball are two popular activities you can play at Beachside. The courts are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are $30 per hour, per court.

The concession stand food is not your average fried and sugary delights — it's better.

You can get your seafood on with some tuna bites as an appetizer, grab a tropical pineapple shrimp quesadilla for dinner then finish it all off with a double fudge brownie sundae to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Beachside also holds many events throughout the year including yoga, $9 shuffleboard nights as well as shuffleboard and bocce ball league nights.

Don't forget to snap a few pictures by the neon sign at the entrance. This flaming hot pink sign is hard to miss, but will really step your Instagram game. 

Beachside Social 

Price:💸 - 💸💸

Address: 2728 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach, VA

Why You Need To Go: This is a great place to hang out for the day with games, great drinks, and beachy bites.