Seeing positive news is what will get everyone through this rough patch. The Virginia Zoo announced that a baby sloth has been born, being the first sloth born at the zoo. The Virginia Zoo's baby sloth is here and Virginians are naming the bundle of joy. 

The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Virginia welcomed a new member to its family on Sunday, March 8 but didn't announce the news until Tuesday, April 7. 

This two-toed sloth is the first sloth to be born at the zoo, so it's kind of a big deal. The gender has not been revealed yet because the staff hasn't wanted to disrupt the bonding between the baby and its parents, Honey and Mervin. 

This little baby hasn't been named yet and the zoo is leaving that part up to the public. There's an auction for the name that ends Tuesday, April 21 so there's still time to throw your suggestion into the ring.

Baby sloths are only 12 to 16 ounces when they're first born and they are completely covered in fur. Unlike most baby animals, these creatures are born with their eyes open, as well as have nails and teeth. 

The zoo's veterinarian, Dr. Colleen Clabbers, says, "The infant is doing really well, nursing from mom and eating small bites of cooked veggies from its mom and the Keepers," according to the official website. 

You can actually bid on naming rights of the baby sloth to get full credit for the gender-neutral name. All the proceeds from this auction will go towards the Zoo's Emergency Operating Fund.

This fund supports all operations of the zoo and makes sure the zoo has the necessities to go the "extra mile." 

The Keepers are monitoring the sloth and it's family all hours of the day to make sure they're bonding well and the baby is behaving and growing in a timely manner. 

Narcity has reached out to Virginia Zoo for additional information. This article will be updated accordingly.