You Can Finally Have Wine With Friends At This Boozy Virtual Party In BC

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Virtual Wine Party In BC Is The Perfect Excuse To Sip Wine With Your Friends Remotely

Are you missing your weekly tradition of splitting a bottle of wine with friends? Just because you are apart from your partner in wine doesn't mean you can't catch up over a for a glass (or two) of your favourite white or red. You can join this virtual wine party in B.C. to sip boozy beverages with your friends remotely.

B.C.'s Okanagan Wine Festivals is encouraging everyone to host a virtual wine party with your BFFs. It is a fantastic excuse to get together. 

Sure, we mean to stay connected via texts and calls, but it can be hard to remember to organize anything. So this is the perfect opportunity to connect, as it is quick and easy to invite everyone to join this online celebration.

The idea is simple, order some B.C wine to be shipped to your door and talk to your friends on Zoom or FaceTime.

What you do at the party is up to you. It is like a night out but at home. Perhaps you'll sip wine while you play online board games or enjoy Netflix movies together.

Sipping while cozy in your lounge attire, while spending time with your friends already sounds incredible. Plus, just by drinking delicious local wines you could win a real-life wine getaway trip later in the fall.

Just get a bottle delivered to your door from one of the participating B.C wineries. It is a massive list with favourites like Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Wayne Gretzky Okanagan, and Road 13.

When the party happens is up to you — anytime from Wednesday, April 8 to Thursday, April 30 works. So go ahead and contact your friends now to start planning. 

We suggest while you are placing an order for your favourite rosé, you also get some tasty snacks shipped too.

Next, you'll need to post a photo on Instagram of your virtual wine party, where you tag your friends and the wines you are enjoying and use the hashtag #okvirtualwinedinner. You'll also need to follow four accounts including, @okwinefests.

If you win, you'll get a one night stay in Kelowna plus two tickets to Valley First Okanagan Fall Wine Tasting. The two lucky winners will be announced on Friday, May 8. 

Virtual Wine Party

When: Wednesday, April 8 to Thursday, April 30, 2020

Why You Need To Go: It is like a night out, but while at home!

Stephanie White
Staff Writer