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Voting Age For Canadians Could Be Dropped Down To 16 After A Bill Was Tabled

Elizabeth May wishes to lower the voting age across Canada.
Ontario Editor
Voting Age For Canadians Could Be Dropped Down To 16 After A Bill Was Tabled

For Canadians, becoming a legal adult at 18 comes with a lot of privileges, including the right to vote at upcoming elections. While the current Government states that only those who are legal adults are able to participate in Canadian elections, one political leader has shared that the voting age should actually be much younger. Green Party leader Elizabeth May has tabled a bill to change Canada Voting age to 16. 

Since 1970, all Canadian citizens who were over the age of 18 have been allowed to vote in upcoming Canadian elections. However, May states that having the voting age limited at 18 cuts off an important generation of voters who are concerned about their futures. 

According to May and the Green Party, since 16-year olds often already have the ability to work, and pay taxes, it should only be fair for them to be able to vote on where their taxes go. 

May even states, "We know that people who start voting young tend to become voters for life. By including youth in the democratic process earlier, we can take a giant step towards a healthier democracy."

In fact, May showed just how serious she was about these changes on Friday night when she released a tweet stating that she has already tabled a private members bill to change Canada's voting age to 16. 

Elizabeth May stated, "Yes. I tabled a private members bill to change voting age to 16. Greens are clear that young people need a voice." 

However, it is unclear when this bill will be brought to the House, as private bills can only be discussed during Private Members' Business hours. 

Since May has made it clear that this bill has been tabled, many Canadians are sharing their opinions on what they think about the potential of lowering the voting age. 

Many Canadians are stating that lowering the voting age of Canadians could be a bad idea. One Twitter user even going as far as to say, "Why don't we just drop it to 4!" 

While another states, "This is the dumbest thing ever thought up by the left. If anything, the voting age should be bumped up to 25."

However, some Canadian agree with May's initiative, one even stating, "I agree. 16-year-olds are deemed responsible enough to share the roads with us... so why not to vote with us? Let them learn young how to exercise their voice in democracy. They have even more at stake here!"

While many Canadians seem to think that lowering the voting age is a bad idea, the voting age for all Canadians has been lowered in the past. 

Up until 1970, the voting age for all Canadians was 21, before it was dropped down to 18. 

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