This Route 66 Texas Attraction Is Now An Abandoned Graffiti Park You Can Visit

It's even cuter than the original version!
This Route 66 Texas Attraction Is Now An Abandoned Graffiti Park You Can Visit

You’ve all heard of Cadillac Ranch in North Texas but have you ever heard of its smaller, cute parody? VW Slug Bug Ranch is a miniature version of the famous roadside interactive art display but this time, it is made with Volkswagen Buggies instead of Cadillacs. The parody is just outside an abandoned motel/gas station in Conway and just like the original, it has plenty of graffiti all over it that anyone can contribute to.

The half-buried Bugs in the ground still have their steering wheels so you can feel free to climb in them and take them for a test drive (or pretend to, anyway). Inside the gas station/ motel, you will find several chairs where you can sit inside and hang out for a while while you and your friends enjoy the view of all the colorful art.

The ranch was built in 2002 as a business idea but once it failed, it was left to ruin and has now become a popular tourist attraction on Route 66. The idea was originally for people to “sign a bug”, leaving their mark on the Texas panhandle. The attraction is free now and you are more than welcome to leave your mark on the buggies when you stop by to visit. All of the art you see on the Bugs come from the hands of tourists and locals alike, making the attraction a place for everyone to come together to make some art!

You might often find left crowbars, hammer, and even blowtorches that people have left behind in the peruse of art. There is no designated parking in the area so you’ll just have to make do with the space there but because there it's almost in the middle of nowhere out in the wide open spaces of Texas, it is almost certain there will be no one else to share the spot with.

VW Slug Bug Ranch is located at I-40 Frontage Rd in Conway, Texas. You can visit their info page for more information here! Get ready to make your mark on this little slice of Texas and share your art with the world.

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