Get ready for a new binge session! Although not a new series, Waco on Netflix is one of the platform’s newest additions. Starring Canadian Taylor Kitsch, the wild series involving cults and FBI investigations has landed itself a top spot with subscribers and could be your next obsession.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to discover Waco yet, the series is based on the real events of a 51 day confrontation between the FBI and a religious extremist group run by David Koresh.

Netflix synopsis for Waco reads, “When federal authorities attempt to seize a religious compound, a standoff with its self-proclaimed leader and his followers ensues.”

B.C. native Taylor Kitsch, also known for his role in Friday Night Lights, actually plays Koresh himself.

Back when the series was first released, Kitsch opened up about his time on set with Collider saying, “I loved doing it. I loved exploring these relationships, with one wife to another, and hearing how good it was going with Michael Shannon. It was an awesome experience.”

He even described it as “a once in a lifetime role.”

According to IMDb, the six-episode show was originally made for TV back in 2018 and aired on the Paramount Network. Although it failed to gain any substantial traction, the series has made quite an impression on Netflix subscribers.

Over the weekend, the series managed to keep a top spot on Netflix’s trending list and is still holding on to its seventh position just behind fellow hit series Outer Banks.

Not only that, but viewers have taken their love for the series to Rotten Tomatoes where it’s been awarded a 75% audience rating.

The entire series is currently streaming on Netflix. You can watch the full trailer for Waco below.