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This Clear-Blue Spring In North Florida Is The World's Deepest Freshwater Spring

Manatees will welcome you.
This Clear-Blue Spring In North Florida Is The World's Deepest Freshwater Spring

Hold on to your summer bucket list and add this natural habitat that will transport you straight to paradise. Wakulla Springs State Park is home to the world's largest and deepest freshwater spring.

The spring is about two hours and thirty minutes west of Jacksonville, providing a day trip for those wanting a whimsical adventure. The state park boasts manatees, alligators and diverse wildlife that can be viewed from a riverboat. This is one of Tallahassee's most visited tourist areas due to the wide range of wildlife.

Bald cypress trees surround this natural spring and manatees are often sighted in the water. Filmmakers even used this location to film Tarzan’s Secret Treasure (1941) and Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954).

Wakulla Springs has one of the clearest waters for underwater photography and visitors can easily see wildlife nearby including butterflies and other bird species.

"The natural spring produces about 200-300 million gallons of water every day and becomes the Wakulla River" as mentioned by a Trip Advisor user.

For an extended getaway, you can stay at The Lodge at Wakulla Springs featuring a 1930s Spanish style architecture where you can enjoy a real Old Florida experience. 

Canoeing in the springs is a very popular activity among visitors and is a great way to admire the waters without getting wet.

Besides being one of the most historical places, it also has the perfect backdrop for films and photography. The sapphire water tends to be very cold at the springs so don't be surprised when you take a dip.

Wakulla Springs is open daily to the public from 8 a.m. until sundown. There is a $6 fee per vehicle.

Wakulla Springs

Address: 465 Wakulla Park Dr. Wakulla Springs FL 32327

Hours: Daily from 8 a.m. until sundown.

Price: $6 per vehicle

Why you need to go: This is the largest and deepest freshwater spring surrounded by a swamp and forest.


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