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Walmart Canada Is Now Giving Students Tuition Reimbursements And Here's How You Can Be Eligible

Walmart Canada can reimburse students up to $2,500 a year to their Canadian employees.

Getting through school financially can be tough, especially when you are trying to balance a job and your education. However, new aid for students has just been created by Walmart Canada who is now giving eligible students throughout Canada tuition reimbursements. Some students can receive $2,500 in tuition reimbursement per year. 

This new program that Walmart is launching is called AdvancED Education Assistance Program and it is available to all eligible associates and their families. Any full-time associates who attend an eligible Canadian university or college can receive a $2,500 reimbursement for each year that they study. 

However, you don't only need to be a full-time employee to take advantage of the AdvancED Education Assistance Program. All permanent part-time associates, as well as family members of full-time associates, are also eligible to receive some tuition reimbursement. 

Since this new program is partnered with Humber College, full-time and part-time associates, as well as family members of full-time associates, are eligible to receive 20 percent tuition reimbursement for programs or courses that are taken at Humber or any of Humber's network of educational partners. 

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This also means that if you are a full-time associate of Walmart Canada, you can receive both a $2,500 tuition reimbursement per year as well as the additional 20 percent tuition reimbursement if you take your course and programs at Humber college.  

All participating partners will be announced later this year, but courses and programs will be offered in both English and French, with Collège Boréal already joining the network. 

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For those who are attending Humber College, the AdvancED network will also provide career and academic advising services to those who are eligible. Through these assessments, associates may also receive some course credit for their "on-the-job training and experiences," which can even shorten the time it takes to complete the college or university program. 

Those who are eligible can already access courses and programs through Humber and Boréal, while other postsecondary institutions will be added to the network over the next couple of months. For all the information, you can visit their website at http://www.walmartadvanced.ca 

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