With the addition of Jack Nathan Health clinics to 74 Walmart Canada store locations throughout six Canadian provinces, Walmart truly has become a one-stop-shop to satisfy all of your personal needs. Walmart Canada's new Jack Nathan Health Medical Centre has been Canadian owned and operated since 2006. It is committed to bringing local access to a wide range of quality healthcare services.

Now conveniently located inside Walmart Canada stores, George Barakat, Jack Nathan Health's CEO, believes an "elevated standard for the health care experience has arrived for Canadian consumers."  He also says that the clinics across Canada will have the capacity to reach two million patients every year, Retail Insider reports.

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Barakat told reporters, "We are a medical management company and what we do is provide turnkey opportunities for physicians in Canada, in Mexico and coming up in China within the Walmart space."

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Jack Nathan Health clinics are located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.  The company also has clinic locations in Mexico and has recently signed an agreement to open new locations in China.

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With regards to Jack Nathan Health's plans of growing out to Eastern Canada, Barakat explained, "We are planning on expanding and growing the footprint east of Quebec. At this point we are sorting out the next few locations with Walmart Canada. Really, the big push was on this Vaughan location."

The 8,300 square-foot Vaughan location offers a wide variety of medical services, such as family medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic, chronic pain management specialties, and even registered dietitian services and massage.

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The location also includes an on-site blood laboratory, a comprehensive annual health assessment, same-day referrals, walk-in appointments, contemporary-designed waiting areas, and the efficient "shop-while-you-wait paddle-paging service" for patients who rather shop than wait in the waiting room.

The comprehensive health assessment includes a whole day's worth of diagnostic tests, such as ultrasounds, bone mineral density tests, fitness and stress testing, hearing, vision and lung function exams, and nutrition analysis.

For an extra charge, patients may elect to partake in numerous other "add-on" assessments, like proactive genetic screening, pharmacogenomics testing, a liver health test, an echocardiogram, a men’s vitality test, or a skin health consultation.

"Our tagline is it’s a revolution in health care but the reality is it’s a revolution in retail health care. The consumer can do more with less time," reported Barakat, who is particularly proud of the clinic's pager system that enables patients to walk around the Walmart store and get paged when their physician is ready to see them. 

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