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30 Free Things You Gotta Do This April In Washington D.C.

New month, new adventures!
30 Free Things You Gotta Do This April In Washington D.C.

Being the nation's capital, it comes as no surprise to us that there's an abundance of seriously cool and amazing things to do in Washington D.C. It's easy to believe that most of the things to do here revolve around our government, or the history of our nation, and while there are plenty of buildings to visit to learn more about those things, there's plenty of other amazing places to visit too!

Washington D.C. is full of unique culture, colourful alleyways, exciting museums, and friendly people, among other things! We know that always going out and checking out exhibits and such can get costly, but that's why we've scouted out some of the best, totally free things for you to do!

A new month means new adventures, and if you haven't been meeting your adventure quota so far this year, it's about time you hop on the bandwagon and start making some super fun memories! Visit that gallery you've heard such great things about, schedule a tour of the White House, light up your Instagram feed with amazing street art; you've got infinite things to do, but only so much time to do them!

Crossing all of the 30 things off this list in one month's time can be a challenge, so don't feel the need to go overboard! Something as simple as trying one or two new things a week can keep your life super interesting and exciting! What do you plan on checking out this April in Washington D.C.?

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30. Explore the National Mall

When someone says "mall", we typically think clothes! Not in Washington D.C., though. The National Mall is home to important monuments, like the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, as well as the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

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29. Visit the White House

Believe it or not, tours of the white house are totally free! They do, however, need to be scheduled well in advance, so be prepared to do some planning! All the thought that goes into your tour will be totally worth it when you get to see one of the most important buildings in the country.

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28. Make a visit to the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian's are "Americas museum", so there's no charge for a visit! The endless collection of artifacts and interactive exhibits will keep you entertained for hours! Odds are good you'll have to come back for more than one visit.

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27. Visit the John F. Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts

This is one of the best arts centres D.C. has to offer, and you can tour it, free of charge! Guided tours depart every 10 minutes, and discuss the building itself, its artwork, and the life of John F. Kennedy!

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26. Take a tour with DC by Foot

DC by Foot has a ton of knowledgable tour guides, all of whom will teach you everything you've wanted to know about the city. Tour locations include the National Mall, Capitol Hill, and Georgetown, among others!

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25. Visit the largest library in the world

The Library of Congress is undoubtedly very impressive. It's not only architecturally beautiful, but it also has an amazing collection of books, papers, and maps for you to delve into! Take a guided tour, or explore solo to see what you find.

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24. Take a walk through the U.S. Capitol Building

The U.S. Capitol Building is home of the U.S. Congress, and offers plenty of knowledge on the government! You can book a guided tour ahead of time, which starts with an orientation video, and then takes you through the infamous Rotunda and The Crypt.

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23. Find out how money is made at the Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Money is an important part of our lives, but really, we have no idea how much work goes into making every single bill we carry. The Bureau of Engraving & Printing offers a 40-minute tour that will give you an idea of how money is made!

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22. Visit the National Capitol Columns 

The National Capitol Columns are an important historic landmark, and also happen to be seriously amazing to look at. There's no charge to wander about these structures! Don't forget to take some cool pictures during your visit.

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21. Pay a visit to the U.S. National Archives

It may not quite be the Book of Secrets, but the National Archives do happen to be full of interesting information about the history of our country. Home to over 3 billion records in total, you'll never run out of things to read during your visit.

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20. Discover the National Gallery of Art

Amongst all of Washington's amazing museums, the National Gallery of Art stands to be a favourite, and one of the best. Works from famous names like Da Vinci and Benci are on display here, just waiting to be admired by you.

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19. Go on a stroll through Georgetown

Georgetown actually predates Washington D.C., so you know that it's a neighbourhood full of culture and excitement. With over 400 shopping, dining, and nightlife options around, you'll never be bored here!

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18. Check out the seasonal decorations in Palmer Alley

Palmer Alley is a fun place to hangout as is, but whenever the gorgeous decorations are changed at the start of a new season, its like a brand new place! Decorations range from pink lanterns during cherry blossom season, to bright lights around the holidays!

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17. Get a picture at the Big Chair

The Big Chair, formerly known as the biggest in the world, is a must-hit destination in Washington D.C. If obscure landmarks are your thing, a picture of you seated on this massive seat must be on your IG ASAP.

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16. Pay a visit to the Albert Einstein Memorial

Albert Einstein was a well loved figure in the science world, and you can still show some appreciation to his contributions today with a visit to his memorial! The statue is giant, and makes for a great photo op!

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15. Do some browsing at Smash! Records

If you're a music fanatic, a trip to Smash! needs to be on your agenda immediately. Records and CDs may seem so old in today's age, but something about shopping for them is a lot of fun!

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14. Take some cool photos of D.C.'s street art

Every city has it's own take on street art, and Washington D.C. just so happens to be full of some of the coolest murals that we've ever seen. Go on a walk through the city and see how many interesting pieces you can find!

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13. Watch the sunset from Key Bridge

If you're looking for the perfect spot to watch the sunset in the city, Key Bridge definitely ranks pretty high on the list. Take a date, your family, or your best friends, and watch as the sun slips behind that gorgeous D.C. skyline.

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12. Climb the Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are considered one of the most romantic spots in the district, perfect for a first date! Pack a picnic, or snap some cute couple pictures to remember your day together!

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11. Pay respects at the Titanic Memorial

We were surprised to find out about the Titanic Memorial in D.C., but it's definitely pretty cool and worth a visit! The statue has been around for decades, and pay homage to those who lost their lives in the ships sinking.

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10. Go on a walk through Blagden Alley

Blagden Alley is one of those spots that's hard to miss. It's full of bright and colourful murals that make for a great photo op, and just so happens to be one of the most hip areas to hangout in the district.

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9. Visit North America's largest Roman Catholic Church

The National Shrine of Immaculate Conception is the largest of its kind on the continent, and amazingly beautiful. It's also one of the 10 largest churches in the world, and can be toured solo or with a guide!

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8. Take a photo of the iconic Chinatown Archway

The Chinatown Archway is a well known figure around the city, and looks even better in person that it does in pictures! Spend a day exploring the historic area of Chinatown, and see what you can learn!

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7. Check out the Embassy of Canada's Art Gallery

If you happen to come across the Embassy of Canada, be sure to check out the art gallery that you'll find inside! It rotates exhibits frequently, most of which are focused on the work of Canadian artists.

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6. Check out the trees at the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum

The mini trees you'll find here are beyond cute, and full of cultural significance. The Japanese art of bonsai has been around for hundreds of years, and with a visit to this museum, you can learn everything you've ever wanted to know!

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5. Go for a ride through Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek is widely known as the ultimate mark in D.C. It covers 4.4 square miles, and has a ton of trails that you can use to hike, bike, jog, or explore! There's also a nature centre, picnic areas, and tennis courts to be enjoyed!

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4. Take a trip to Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a great place to go for a walk, enjoy nature, and pay homage to the great Theodore Roosevelt. The 17-foot statue of Roosevelt is a great photo op!

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3. Cool off at the Watergate Steps

If you're in the mood to do some exercise, why not run the stairs a few times? After you're done you can relax on the steps and take in the perfect view, which is especially nice at dawn and dusk.

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2. Visit the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

If obscure art is your thing, this is where you'll want to go. The rotating installations are often provoking and jaw-dropping, meaning you'll always want to come back for more!

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1. Instagram the infamous Blind Whino

The Blind Whino is another one of those standout spots in D.C. that needs to be on your Instagram feed ASAP. Besides being beautifully decorated, the building itself has amazing architecture that deserves serious appreciation.