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Washington Weather Actually Helped Put Up One Of The Best Sunrises This Year

If you're from the Pacific Northwest, chances are that you've started your day early at least once to get in sunrise hike. This morning, all you had to do was apparently step out your door for what people are dubbing the most spectacular sunrise this year. Thanks to Washington weather, the sky put up a show with shades of pink, purple and orange. 

After news broke that Seattle hasn't seen a sunny day in over two months, this came as a pleasant surprise for most.  

The timing isn't shocking though. Winter and late fall are supposed to be some of the best times in the United States to see amazing sunrises and sunsets, as cited in this report.

During warmer months, air can choke up with smog making the colors muted and hazy. 

Most people were able to catch the break of dawn as it began at around 7.39 a.m. today. Although some were driving to work and could only record it with their eyes, others were lucky enough to have caught the sunrise on camera. 

The view was so gorgeous that it was a trending affair on Twitter.

The site lit up with images from across the Evergreen State with pictures pouring in from areas like Lake Stevens, Stanwood, Monroe, and Kirkland. 

The City of Everett's official account even caught a hyper-lapse to prove the spectacle. 

After the wet spell that the state has seen lately, thanks to a phenomenon called the Pineapple Express, an account even noted that it was a "hard-earned reward." 

Ironically, the rain is something that adds to this spectacle as this report suggests. The showers cleanse the air making the light scatter more.

That means pretty fantastic skies! Who would have thought? 

If like us, you're wondering when you can probably catch it next, it apparently depends on a number of factors according to this photography report.

So if you hear terms like "high cloud cover," "low humidity" or "clean air," grab your camera. A dramatic sky is coming up. 

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