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Gov. Jay Inslee Just Extended Washington's Stay At Home Order Through May 31 (VIDEO)

“We have not won this fight against this virus."

Sorry, Washingtonians. Governor Jay Inslee just announced Washington's stay at home order is extended through May 31. The order was originally set to be lifted on May 4.

“We have not won this fight against this virus," said Inslee in today's press conference.

He also announced that he will ease in the stay at home restrictions in four stages. This will begin with curbside retail pick-up, car sales, and car washes.

So how long will it take before the order is completely lifted. 

Time will tell.

According to Inslee, there will be a minimum of three weeks between each of the four stages. That means it could be three months or longer before Washington fully reopens.

However, some counties with low COVID-19 counts could open up sooner.

Phase one will allow drive-in religious services but participants in each vehicle must be from the same household. 

Inslee has eased some restrictions last week, including construction projects, some outdoor recreational activities including fishing, hunting, some closed state parks, and boat ramps. 

Scheduled surgeries are also set to resume. 

While more recreational activities are allowed than before under the order, the ban on large events is still in place. So is the social distancing order.

Phase two of the reopening plan does not have a date set yet. When it happens, it will include lower risk non-essential businesses like barber shops, salons, and restaurants with limited seating.

The third phase would allow larger gatherings of people including sports activities and restaurants would be able to operate at seventy-five percent capacity.

Lastly, phase four would reopen the state. But it will still look different from before. 

Social distancing will stay in place at bars, eateries, and large scale events.

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As of April 30 at 4:30 p.m., the Washington State Department of Health reported 14,327 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 814 total fatalities.