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Watch A Car Fly Into A Fence In Toronto Just Inches From Plowing Into Pedestrians (Video)

This has to be the most terrifying near-accident video we've ever seen. A Reddit user posted footage from their dash cam of a car flying through an intersection in Toronto and crashing into a fence, coming mere inches from other cars and pedestrians in its path. 

In the video, three cars are making left turns on a green light. No oncoming cars approach, so the first two cars proceed to make their turn. As the third car starts to turn, a dark coloured four-door sedan comes flying from the opposite direction. 

Via throatfrog,

Miraculously, the car managed to avoid colliding with the red car making the left turn. Had it been any closer, it could've led to a devastating crash with potentially life-threatening injuries. 

But, it gets worse. The car continues to plow through the intersection as two pedestrians cross the street. The car whizzes past them and the pedestrians jump back, as they watch the car smash into the fence of someone's backyard.

Via throatfrog,

Nothing is known about the driver yet, if there were any other passengers, and whether anyone in the car sustained injuries. Thankfully it seems that everyone else involved wasn't physically hurt, but most certainly shaken up. 

To see the full video, click here.