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Watch A McDonald's Employee And A Customer Get In A Brutal Fight Over Soda (Video)

A McDonald's employee and customer took things a little too far over soda.
Watch A McDonald's Employee And A Customer Get In A Brutal Fight Over Soda (Video)

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever got in a fight over? We don’t mean an argument, we mean a full out fists flying brawl.

Because there’s video footage of a fight that went down at a McDonald’s in the United States that is just unreal.

And it started for the weirdest reason we’ve ever heard of. 

Via L E Johnson

Apparently, a customer who ordered a free water wanted to refill it with soda, but the employee said no and shut down the machine to stop the customer from getting it.

The pair then loudly argued with each other before things went completely off the rails.

The video starts with the employee dressed in white charging and attacking the much smaller customer.

Via L E Johnson

The employee then pushes the customer down on a counter before raining blows down onto her face. 

The fight then moves to a table where again the employee beats the customer again.

The audio isn’t very good in the video which makes understanding what anyone is saying almost impossible but rest assured there’s quite a bit of yelling going on.

Someone eventually manages to move the customer away from the fight but she gets free and tries to hit the employee only to have hair pulled as she’s thrown onto a table and hit in the head repeatedly. 

Via L E Johnson

It also appears that the customer’s shirt may have come undone and one of her breasts exposed during the fight but that’s blurred out on the video.

The fight eventually ends when the customer seems to realize it’s a battle she isn’t going to win. 

McDonald’s is currently investigating the incident.

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