Watch Katy Perry Get Ripped Apart For 1 Minute Straight By Her Own Parents (Video)

Katy Perry is the newest judge to grace the American Idol stage. She's already had a few mishaps on the show, and it doesn't stop there. Earlier in the season, during auditions, she infamously kissed a teenage boy - who did not want to be kissed at all. 

Now, she's making headlines again but this time she's the victim in the situation, and the people ripping her apart are her own parents. 

Via YouTube/TalentRecap

Katy's parents, Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson showed up on the latest episode of American Idol. You would think that they'd come on the show to cheer on their daughter, but it was literally quite the opposite. 

Ryan Seacrest started by asking them about what it's like to see Katy as a judge on the show, but her parents immediately started dissing her. Claiming that she's mouthy, the middle child, and she always wants the "most attention". 

Katy's mom even went as far as to imply that Lionel and Luke add wisdom to the show as judges but Katy is just mouthy. 

The best part of the video is definitely Katy's response. After listening to her parents crap all over her for a minute straight, she simply said "I feel like it's turned out okay for them" probably implying that they're sharing in Katy's success and her wealth as an attention seeking superstar. 

Keep doing you Katy, it's working!