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Watch Millennials In Ontario Share Their Shockingly Mean Opinions About Premier Kathleen Wynne (VIDEO)

A Canadian YouTuber named Jack Denmo asked young people in Hamilton, Ontario about their opinions on the province's current Ontario Premier, and the responses were overwhelmingly unkind to say the least. The interviews were compiled into a seven minute video called "Millennials on Kathleen Wynne," which he posted yesterday on his channel, Life Of Jack.

We learned a few things from watching this video. First, a concerning amount of young people have no idea who she is. One guy actually thought she's a snowboarder. Sadly, he wasn't joking.

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Another young guy in a backwards cap said, "Kathleen Wynne? She's hot. When you see her -- gotta hit her up." We doubt he had any clue who he talking about. But if he did, we did not see that one coming!

Second, if millennials do know who she is, they absolutely hate her. "F**k that b*tch," was a pretty common response. The Wynne-haters did not hold back with their insults, and some were extremely offensive. 

"She's a f**king c**t" one guy yelled, and his friend chimed in with "f**k her!" Another man didn't have much to say except, "she's a f**king dyke."

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Our favourite has to be this actual direct quote from one very confused young man. "F**k the Liberals. If anything, I'll run for f**king President. Or Prime Minister, that's what it is, right?" SOS!!!

Final thing we learned from this video - most people that hate Kathleen Wynne have no idea why, they just know they're supposed to. Most people could barely come up with a reason why because they "don't follow politics."

"I don't like her," one girl says. When asked why, she responded, "Just because. I just don't." "I hate her, a lot," said another, "because she makes my mom pay too many taxes." 

Only one guy actually expressed support for Kathleen Wynne. "Love her, she rocks," he said, "except for the fact that she sold Hydro One but like, she's a cool lady I'd assume."

We must admit, it doesn't help that the interviews took place in a crowded bar, so most of the subjects were likely intoxicated. But, you know what they say - drunk words, sober thoughts.