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The UK Parliament Can't Stop Laughing During Their Game Of Kiss, Marry With Trump & Trudeau (Video)

The tensions between Trump and Trudeau are well known around the world but in the UK they had a bit of a laugh over them. 

In the British Parliament, politicians burst into laughter after UK Prime Minister Theresa May was asked "Trump or Trudeau". 

It all got a bit Carry on Commons in this evening's G7 debate...

June 11, 2018

The original question came from Conservative MP Crispin Blunt. May was quick to respond to the question and her response was clever, joking back that she wasn't sure what she was being asked to do with either. 

In the back you can here another politician yelling out "Kiss, Marry" possibly eluding to the popular game F*ck, Marry, Kill in which people are given three names and have to decide what they would do with each. 

@theresamayembedded via  

Whether it was intended that way or not, the question quickly became loaded with sexual innuendo and people are loving it! Responses on Twitter have been positive with people saying how much they love British politics and everything about the situation. 

Many are also acknowledging that this sort of classic wit is as British as it gets and some even say they live for British humour.

June 12, 2018

The joke comes just after the G7 summit, which May attended, ended. In the midst of high tensions between Canada and the US, it's nice to know that there is still something to laugh about.