Watch This Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Lose Over $7,000 For The Most Embarrassing Reason Last Night (Video)

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most frustrating game shows ever. Unlike jeopardy where you can just yell out the answer if you know you have to wait for the people on the show to slowly reveal the puzzle before you can guess.

And if you know it before the people on the show do, it can be agonizing to watch them try to fill in all the letters.

Well last night one guy filled in the entire puzzle, and still managed to get the answer hilariously wrong. 

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This man, named Jonny, had the entire puzzle done and because he mispronounced a single word ever so slightly, he screwed up his chance to take home thousands of dollars.

The answer to the puzzle was ‘flamenco dance lessons,’ but that’s not what Jonny said. 

Have you visited this landmark? Solve the puzzle and find out! Category: LANDMARK. Swipe left for additional letters. #wheeloffortune

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What he said was ‘flamingo dance lessons,’ which led to a very awkward and confused look on his face when he was told that he had got it wrong.

Now we have no idea if he had visions of flamingo’s learning to dance running though his head at the time he blurted his answer out but we hope that’s what he was visioning in his head. 

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Regardless of what was going on in his head his wrong answer wound up cost him a whopping total of $7,100!

Now, just think of all the flamenco dance lessons he could have bought with that money.

The next contestant of course didn’t screw it up and nailed the correct answer, making his humiliation complete.

You can see the hilarious video below.