If you haven't already heard, the infamous Rolling Loud festival was happening in Miami just this past weekend. This year's festival featured a ton of amazing artists, including headliners J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Future.

The talented new daddy Travis Scott absolutely killed his set, as one would expect, even amid the ridiculous rumours that he's not Stormi's father

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Being the fun loving and inclusive performer that he is, Scott actually invited an audience member on stage with him during his performance. The fan was having the time of his life, but apparently Scott's security team didn't get the memo.

If you watch the video above from the 18:15 mark, you'll see that shortly after getting on stage, Scott's security team attack the fan, kicking him and shoving him to the ground. Scott quickly intervenes, and fights back at his security team.

Scott then lets the fan hangout on stage for awhile, dancing and singing along with him and Migos. When it's finally time for the fan to head back into the audience, Scott is super helpful, and helps the fan find the best route back into the crowd.

After the 19:50 mark, you can hear Scott say, "Security, don't you touch him. Turn the lights on," to ensure that his fan made it back safely without any sort of confrontation. 

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It appears that Scott isn't letting any rumours set him back, and he really is living his best life, doing what he loves with Kylie and Stormi by his side!

Source: Cosmopolitan