If you're a pop-culture fanatic like me, odds are good that after a long day, one of your favourite things to do is wind down and watch some late-night television. From Conan O'Brien to Jimmy Kimmel there are endless options for your entertainment, but now we Canadians are getting another one! Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen will be available for streaming in Canada soon.

If you're not familiar with the show, it stars Andy Cohen, an American radio and television talk show host, producer, and writer. In typical late-night TV fashion, Cohen welcomes a different guest on every episode and talks to them about their current projects, scandals, and life in general.

People love Cohen for his vibrant personality and great sense of humour — he never fails to have fun with his guests and keep audiences on their toes. Prior guests who have made an appearance in the Clubhouse include Kelly Ripa, Tina Fey, Sarah Jessica Parker, and more!

Nowadays, a lot of people are choosing to stray from cable and head towards the option of streaming services, which sometimes leaves you with limited options. Luckily for Watch What Happens Live fans though, the series is coming to Hayu on July 30th for your viewing pleasure.

Upcoming guests that fans can look forward to seeing on the show include LGBTQ+ icons, Laverne Cox and Tituss Burgess, the cast of the hit Netflix Original series Queer Eye, Angela Bassett, and Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl.

The series will have a new one-hour episode, five nights a week, so it'll be more than easy to stay updated on the latest celebrity gossip. Cohen's interviews cover everything from food and fashion to behind-the-scenes gossip from all your favourite TV shows, including The Real Housewives franchise.

If you're not already, you'll definitely want to make sure you sign up for Hayu before the end of the month so you don't miss a single episode!