Do you remember how as a kid, the amount of fun you had having water gun fights against your friends? Well, there is an adult version, that is even better. It is an epic mashup of water guns and bumper cars but on the lake and it will give you some serious nostalgia. Time to invite all your friends and see who will end up the most soaked at this water park in B.C.

Harrison Watersports is in Harrison Hot Springs, just one hour and 45 minutes from Vancouver. It is best known for having an enormous floating waterpark in the summer and it's a great road trip destination.

But that isn't all there is. There are also BBQ boats where you can roast up a feast on the water, speedy sea-doos, and bumper boats available to rent too.

The bumper boats are similar to the classic amusement park ride but with a water fight twist. So get ready to drive at full speed and bump into your friends, just like you did a child.Each of the vehicles fits one person and comes with a powerful electric soaker gun. They can spray an impressive 10 feet, drenching anyone who gets too close.

For the best experience, you'll want to go with a few friends and have a two-team water war.

For those of you who lack air conditioning, it would be a terrific way to cool down.

If you want to try this experience first hand, it will open for the season on Saturday, May 9, 2020. You'll be able to book 30 minutes for $23.81 per person, or $38.10 for an hour.

There is also the option to get a pass that not only lets you ride the bumper boats but unleash your inner ninja at the inflatable playground too.

The one day package starts at $47.72 per person and allows you to have an entire day at the beach.

There will be so many obstacles to conquer from monkey bars, swings and even a giant hamster ball.

Harrison Water Sports

Price: $23.81+ per person

Address: 100 Esplanade Ave., Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Why You Need To Go: You can battle your friends in floating bumper car boats.

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