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This Boozy Kayak Tour In Colorado Is A Day Filled With Rafting & Wine Tasting

You don't need a miracle to enjoy both in one day.
Water To Wine Tour In Colorado Lets You Cruise On The Water & Go Wine Tasting After

Nothing's as good as a glass of wine after a long day of work, but what about after a day of play? The Water To Wine Tour in Colorado lets you raft down the Colorado River before indulging in a wine tour. You can experience adrenaline thrills followed by luxurious vino chills.

The trip is available by reservations and gives you the chance to indulge in two exciting activities.

Water To Wine Tours in Palisade, Colorado, is a unique excursion that lets you float down shimmering waters before visiting local wineries for some incredibly tasty sipping.

You'll start the morning off by floating down the river for 2 hours, enjoying gorgeous natural scenery settled on protected untouched lands.

The 16-foot raft guided by the Captain will drive you down the gorgeous Colorado River, or you can inquire about paddleboard or inflatable kayak tours.

Once you reach the end of your float down the calm waters, you will be shuttled back to town for a break where you can grab lunch and change for your wine tastings.

The afternoon portion continues with a shuttle to several local wineries, where you can score tastings ranging from $5 to $12.

Luckily, the shuttle can hold more weight than a paddleboard, so you're not limited to how many bottles you buy.

You can jump on these boozy tours between April and October, or indulge in just a winery excursion during the colder months through the same company.

The package is a combination of Palisade River Trips and Pali-Tours, who have melded their two specialties to create a truly unforgettable day in nature.

The tours start at $100 per person. They include the shuttles to and from the wineries, the boat ride, and a professional guide who will provide plenty of exciting information about the area.

You can choose from several other adventures through the company, but cruising down the river under a warm sunny sky before ending the day with a tasty vino treat ticks all the best boxes for an ideal vacation day.

Water To Wine Tour

Price: $100

When: April - October

Address: Pick up upon request

Why You Need To Go: You can drift down the Colorado River before indulging in some incredibly tasty local wineries.


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