This Tranquil Louisiana Trail Takes You Through Lush Forests & Waterfalls (VIDEO)

It's a sight like no other.
Waterfall Hiking Trail Near Baton Rouge Is A Tranquil Day Out

To get to the great outdoors and be surrounded by beautiful rocky hills, waterfalls, and lush green blankets of forest is what everyone needs at some point. There are many nature retreats across Louisiana, but there's one that stands out above the rest that is perfect for hiking and exploring all day long. This waterfall-filled hiking trail near Baton Rouge is the place to be if you want a relaxing day among nature.

Tunica Hills an expansive area of over 5,906 acres that has so many incredible aspects to it.

It's a tranquil refuge for tree lovers and adventurers who admire hiking, sightseeing, waterfall spotting, wildlife watching, and even camping.

You can find so many hidden gems at this natural area, with beautiful rolling hills covered with lush trees which are home to a variety of unique animals, some of which can't be found anywhere else in the state.

Tunica Hills is stunning in any season, from the spring when nature is finally blooming and the summer when the weather is perfect for a splash under the waterfalls, to the fall when the leaves turn beautiful earthy shades.

There are different hiking trails you can take, with each offering a variety of views — you might just have to explore all of them!

Tunica Hills borders the Clark Creek Natural Area, which is why hikers typically end up there as well as the Louisianan nature trails.

While you explore the trails of Tunica Hills, feel free to visit the neighboring nature spot to find even more trails, waterfalls, greenery, and more.

You can make a whole weekend out of visiting the area or just drive on over for a well deserved day trip. No matter what you decide to do, you're sure to have a great day.

Tunica Hills Hiking Trails

Price: Free

Address: Saint Francisville, LA

Why You Need To Go: To enjoy the beauty of Louisiana nature on a variety of trails and scenic tracks.

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