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Waterfall In North Carolina Can Be Found On This Scenic Hidden Trail

Taking a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway is the perfect summer adventure if you're looking for some beautiful local scenery. There are so many trails and waterfalls along the way - you just have to be able to find them. This hidden trail with a waterfall in North Carolina is the place to go if you want some alone time while outdoors. 

Roaring Fork Falls is a hidden gem that is a 45-foot tall cascading waterfall that flows for 100-feet after its plunge. It's a great spot to visit on a hot summer afternoon. 

You'll walk through a wooded forest throughout your hike which will keep you cool from the humidity and heat. 

This trek is also rated as an easy hike. You'll mainly be on a flat surface the entire trek so no worries about breaking too much of a sweat. 

Since this spot is pretty hidden in the forest, the number of people on the trail are slim. It would be the best spot to practice social distancing while getting some quality outdoor time. 

You'll start your journey right off the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. The total distance of the trail is 2.8 miles which is short compared to some hidden trails.

Throughout the trail, you'll see old, concrete buildings that have been standing since WWII. You're more than welcome to explore inside of them and see where the soldiers stored their weapons. 

You'll eventually bump into Roaring Fork Falls. The cascading falls are music to your ears - you might want to spend your whole day here.

The boulders and rocks along the falls are slippery, so be careful when climbing around the waterfall. 

You can visit this area at any time during the year because it's open every day all year long. The best months to visit are April through July because you'll see wildflowers blooming throughout the trail. 

Roaring Fork Falls 

Price: Free

Address: Directions

Why You Need To Go: This trail is usually not very populated because it's hidden and you'll be lead to a huge cascading waterfall. 

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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