There Is A Secret Mini Waterfall In North Florida And It's Super Charming

Florida waterfalls are very uncommon and hard to discover. But there is a small and glorious waterfall hidden near Tallahassee that will impress any traveler. Steinhatchee Falls is a secret waterfall surrounded by 1,766 acres of beautiful landscape.

Though this waterfall is short in height it still features wild scenery that you won't find anywhere else. You can venture into the forest and enjoy a day of fishing, or admire the many cypress trees along the way. There is a boat ramp area where you can launch boats, canoes and kayaks.

Whether you enjoy a tranquil day by the river or a biking adventure, Steinhatchee Falls is a great spot to recover after a day of outdoor activities. The park also offers swimming, rafting, horseback riding, and boating.

Waterfalls in Florida are hidden and miraculous due to the state's flat reputation. According to a Trip Advisor user, Steinhatchee Falls is "Fun, fun, fun and the locals are so friendly and helpful. The kids had a ball searching for scallops and we had fun watching."

The state park has impressive wildlife where you can discover deer, turkey and Florida's birds. Hardwood forest, pine plantation and floodplain swamp are part of this unique paradise.

Steinhatchee Falls ranges from four to five feet down, being unnoticeable when the river rises. Also, you can enjoy the Steinhatchee 3-mile trail and then rest by the waterfalls where the trail ends.

This picturesque area is a great spot for photoshoots and landscape photography. The root beer-colored water also adds a seasonal look to the area. A place worth discovering any time of the year.

Steinhatchee Falls

Location: Steinhatchee Falls Park

Why you need to go: This is one of Florida's secret waterfalls. It is surrounded by 1,766 acres of beautiful landscape.