Believe it or not, there are tons of waterfalls in Mississippi to explore, and each one is more magical than the next. You can discover a whopping 50 waterfalls in Clark Creek Natural Area, a scenic park in the state. This peaceful spot spans over 700 acres and is the perfect nature escape.

Although this creek looks exotic, it is located in Woodville, which is just 2 hours and 15 minutes from Jackson. You can visit Clark Creek Natural Area for only $4 per vehicle. This incredible deal makes this mini excursion is the perfect getaway for your summer bucket list. However, the park is stunning year-round!

This charming park has dozens of waterfalls hiding around every corner. While some of them are miniature, you can also find falls in this spot that reach over 30 feet tall

The falls are tucked away in a hilly forest that will feel like a true paradise. This dreamy adventure will take you down winding paths to find hidden cascading waters. Head to this peaceful park soon and start chasing these enchanting falls. 

You can spot some of these hidden gems when you embark on a hike down Clark Creek Primitive Trail. This looped path through the pine forest is 4.3 miles long and gives you unbeatable views.

Check out the trail map before you go to get a feel for the hike. This ariel view shows you exactly where to find waterfalls along your journey. 

Clark Creek is also dog-friendly as long as you keep your pup on a leash. You can bring your furry friend along for a picturesque walk through the trees on a much-needed escape from the city.

You won't regret a visit to this stunning area in the Magnolia State that will make you feel like you're in a tropical oasis. Take some photos and make some memories while you explore. 

Clark Creek Natural Area

Price: $4.00 per vehicle +$1 per person over two people

Address: 366 Fort Adams Rd., Woodville, MS

Why You Need To Go: Do go chasing waterfalls at this incredible spot in Mississippi. You'll get back in touch with nature as you explore these breathtaking falls. 

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