Tim Hortons is known as an iconic Canadian brand. Many Canadians and non-Canadians alike associate the coffee store with the country. However, iconic status aside, it appears that Canadians have not been the biggest fan of the franchise lately. Savagely put, people are calling Tim Hortons trash. 

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It appears that Timmies has been dethroned of its title of Canada's favourite coffee chain. We asked Canadians on Reddit what their favourite place to go to for coffee was and surprisingly, pretty much no one picked Tim Hortons. In fact, many ripped Tim Hortons apart and called it the worst choice for coffee. 

Tim Hortons Manager: “thank you for stopping by for an interview, are you capable of cutting a bagel fully in half?”Interviewee: “absolutely fucking not”Tim Hortons Manager: “you’re exactly what this team needs”

October 31, 2018

People on both a Reddit Vancouver thread and Reddit Toronto thread shared that Tim Hortons was not at all their go-to place for coffee. On both threads, there were dozens of people who commented their opinion and the common denominator between West Coast and East Coast Canadians on this matter was that Tim Hortons was probably the worst option for coffee. 

On the Reddit Toronto thread, several agreed that Tim Hortons was the worst and pretty much not a single person named it as the best place to go for coffee. Check out what Torontonian Redditors had to say about Timmies. 

  • "Tims is definitely the worst, hands down and by a wide margin. Gas stations have better coffee. Anyone brave enough to try their waffles yet? Didn't think so" - madeamashup
  • "Avoid like the plague: Tim Horton’s" - wing03
  • "Not just the quality of the coffee either. The baked goods are shit. The specialty drinks are shit. Corporate is shit. Only good thing is the hardworking employees, and unfortunately they are treated like shit too" - Crock_Patrol, in reply to comment about Tim Hortons

The Reddit Vancouver thread pretty much echoed the same sentiment as the Reddit Toronto one. Many chose JJ Bean or McDonalds as their go-to and Tim Hortons as a place to avoid. Check out how Vancouverites feel about the coffee chain. 

  • "Starbucks or McDonald's on the low end, tons of locations and acceptable coffee. Places to avoid: Tim Hortons" - theleverage
  • "Worst - Tim Hortons. Best - JJ Bean. Best Value - McDonalds" - GreenEnergyFuture
  • "Probably the worst is Timmies... I try to avoid them like the plague and any time I’m suckered in when I’m with friends I’m just reminded as to why I don’t like it anymore" - nip-nops
  • "Their owner fucked the franchisees by switching to different and vastly inferior beans a few years ago" - catherinecc, in reply to a comment about Tim Hortons
  • "Best: JJ Bean - for the Americanos and muffins - and they're local and a good employer. Worst: Tim Hortons, Starbucks (burnt)" - mcain

Why is it so difficult to make a coffee nowadays? I asked for milk ..... This is most definitely cream and well a waste of coffee cause i can't drink cream... @TimHortons #SignedADissatisfiedCustomer pic.twitter.com/U5spxzep6H

November 9, 2018

Recently, there was another Reddit Ontario thread that completely roasted Tim Hortons. The title of the thread was "Tim horton food/drink quality went from 9/10 to 2/10" and the post got over a hundred reactions.

Based on that thread, it appears McDonalds takes the title for the most loved Canadian coffee chain at the moment. The top comment was from Redditor j0ec00l69, who wrote, "Switched to McCafe with no regrets. Way better". The comment got 126 points. 

It's safe to say that Tim Hortons has been losing ground in its Canadian loyalty lately. However, it's not all bad news – there are still many Canadians out there who do love the chain and tons of Timmies still exist all across the country.