Alexis Ren is debatably one of the most famous Instagram influencers on the social media platform. Some even say that she started the "Instagram Influencer" trend and paved the way for Instababes everywhere to make a career out of posing on Instagram. 

As you may know, Ren's career was launched when she and her super famous ex-boyfriend, Jay Alvarrez began posting super travel-worthy photos all over Instagram and YouTube. Their videos quickly went viral and they became social media stars. 

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After a very long and highly publicized relationship, the famous couple split up. Recently, Ren has been spotted with a new man and fans are going crazy! People want to know exactly who he is, especially since Ren's last relationship was so well known publicly. 

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Ren has kept her new relationship top secret. Even though she's been posting photos and short videos with her new man, she always avoids showing his face or anything that would identify who he is.

But, after doing some research, we've found out some information about who this mystery man is. 

The discovery of her new boyfriend started when she posted a video entitled "A Love Story" on YouTube. This is where she revealed that her new BF wrote a very touching poem dedicated to her.

"Have I told you that I love you, that I see your mother in your eyes. Have I told you that I love you, I love you and I love you I would happily burn in desires very fires. Have I told you that I love you, the way you giggle in my arms, the way you squirm, the way you pout, the way you kill me with your charm. Have I told you that I love you, how does it tears me up inside, I could never hide it. Have I told you that I love you, I will always share it, I will always share it, I will always share it. Have I told you that I love you, that I'm thankful for each day, for each smile, each laugh, each kiss you send my way. Have I told you that I love you, please do not forget this simple fact, for the love I share with you can not be taken back. Have I told you that I love you, I'm here to hold your hand, through the ups and downs of these chaotic crazy lands. Have I told you that I love you, cause if you happen to forget, I'm here to remind you, through all of life's wild and insane shit. Now that I can love you and you've heard me say this truth, I was wondering my love, Can I spend this life with you? 🖤🌹 ♠ ️"

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Fans also saw tidbits of the mystery man on Alexis' social media. Here's a screenshot from an Instagram Story that Ren shared, but once again, you can't see her boyfriend's face and he's unidentifiable. 

TMZ was able to catch the first real glimpse of her boyfriend when they caught her on video. You can see the video below. 

Although his name still isn't known, we did find his Instagram. He goes by the name, "Sky Bear" or "Bear". In his bio, it states that he's a peak performance specialist, philanthropist, business owner, mixed martial artist and even a yoga practitioner, as well!

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Linked in his Instagram bio is a company called Kaua'i Adventure Fitness. In the about section, there's some more revealing information about him. He was born in Hawaii, he began surfing competitively when he was only 8-years-old! He may be an "instructor" but he's also the owner and of Kaua'i Adventure Fitness. 

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Since then, her ex-boyfriend, Jay Alvarrez has returned to his hometown in Hawaii. He's still modelling though, here's a photo of him shooting for Hoaka Swimwear in Waimea Valley. 

He recently posted a short video on Youtube that showcases his journey as a famous social media influencer. You can watch that, here

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