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Migos Will Finally Be Performing In Canada Later This Month And Here's What We Know

We have news regarding the postponed show in Montreal.
Migos Will Finally Be Performing In Canada Later This Month And Here's What We Know

Two weeks ago, Migos cancelled their highly anticipated performance at Montreal's famous outdoor club, BeachClub. This is the second time this year, that Migos hasn't shown up for their show in Canada. In June, they shockingly cancelled their headlining performance at Vancouver's Breakout Festival 20 minutes before they were scheduled to go on stage. 

The most recent cancelled show came shortly after Offset, a member of Migos, was arrested after he was stopped by police at an Atlanta airport. As we previously reported, he was stopped for having illegally tinted windows, but during a search of his car, it was discovered that Offset was carrying 3 handguns along with marijuana and $107,000 in cash.

@migosembedded via  

@migosembedded via  

It's safe to assume that this is why Offset and Migos were not able to perform at their scheduled show in Montreal, Quebec two weeks ago.

After the show was "cancelled", Beachclub representative Olivier Primeau, posted an Instagram Story claiming that the show would be postponed and was definitely not cancelled. 

Via Olivier Primeau

We just received news that the cancelled show has officially been rescheduled and here's all the info. 

Finally, we have news on the follow-up show. According to Primeau, Migos will be performing at Beachclub on August 19th. Not only will Migos be performing, Yes Mccan is also scheduled to perform.

Tickets for the event go on sale on Wednesday, August 8th at 12 PM. Tickets will be $90 each + taxes/fees. There will only be 2000 tickets sold for the event.

Let's hope that Migos will finally show up to their performance for their Canadian fans. 

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