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We Have Actual Proof That 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Dean Unglert Is Visiting Kristina Schulman's Hometown AS WE SPEAK

OKAY hold everything - where tf are the Bachelor in Paradise cameras because THIS is reality TV gold. If you've been keeping up with my Bachelor in Paradise antics, you'll know that Dean and I have been very close and personal these days - which means I'm very invested in his love life. 

Dean has been getting dragged through the mud lately since BIP finished filming. Danielle L put him on blast for dating her in private and pursuing Kristina in public, as she should have. When I caught up with Dean in Toronto, he seemed pretty remorseful about the whole ordeal, and maybe it's because he and Kristina are really trying to make it work. 

Although Dean hasn't said much about him and the Russian beauty, he did post this last night on his Snapchat. To the naked eye, it may just seem like a funny dog meme. And yes - it is, but let's not get distracted. If you'll focus on the street sign in the upper right hand corner you'll notice the street signs 'Armstrong Mill Road' and 'Man O War' - an intersection only found in Lexington, Kentucky. The hometown of Kristina Schulman. 

What does this mean?! Well, unless Dean planned a random vacation to the midwest, he's visiting Kristina. Which means the two must really be trying to work things out. Reddit users have confirmed that this is indeed an intersection in Lexington. And even though Dean has since deleted the snap, we all know the truth. Happy visiting, Dean. Don't get yourself into any trouble now. 

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