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We Tried Dairy Queen Canada's New "Ultimate Meal Deal" And It Was Far From Ultimate

As a self-proclaimed fast-food aficionado, I'm always on the hunt for the best fast food meals. As a big budget-conscious saver I'm also always looking for the best price. That's where value menus come in. 

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Whether it's McDonald's $5 McPick's menu or KFC's $5 fill-ups, there are lots of options out there for a full fast-food meal on a budget. At Dairy Queen, they're equivalent cheapest eats are on their Meal Deal menu. 

Recently, Dairy Queen Canada announced a brand new addition to that menu. The newest item is the Ulitmate Cheeseburger Meal Deal. It comes with a burger, fries, a soft drink, and a sundae to finish it all off. On top of that, it's only $7. 

To test how ultimate this meal deal truly was I headed to my nearest DQ, ordered an Ultimate Cheeseburger Meal Deal. This is my full, honest, and unbiased opinion of what I got. 

Via Dairy Queen

In this case, it makes sense to start with what's supposed to be the star of the dish, the ultimate cheeseburger. To sum it up in one sentence, the burger was far from ultimate. While advertised with toppings like melting cheese and thick crispy bacon, this was a perfect expectation vs. reality situation. 

Despite the fact that DQ's slogan is that they aren't fast-food, that's all I got. The burger was your basic cheeseburger. The beef was nothing special and really thin, the sauce was like any other fast-food joint, and the toppings were a disaster. First off, there was more bun than toppings on the burger. Then not only could I not even tell that there was bacon on there at all, but I also had the misfortune of getting two end pieces of the tomatoes, giving it a really weird texture.  

If I had to give this burger a score out of 10 it would probably be a 2 or 3. If we're being perfectly honest, I didn't even finish it. 

Via Elizabeth Keith

There is a redeeming factor to this meal deal and that's the sides. While the burger could be completely left out, the fries are actually amazing. Not only were they super fresh and hot, but they were also perfectly crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and had just the right amount of salt. They get a 10/10. 

Just as good as the fries was the sundae. The amount of ice cream was actually impressive for the price, one might even say it was "ultimate" sized. It was creamy and smooth with rich chocolate sauce, but you can get either strawberry or caramel topping too. 

The only side bringing the meal back down is the drink, though it may be a matter of personal preference. The 21 oz. soft drink definitely gives you your bang for your buck, but with the sundae in the meal too it's definitely a sugar overload, especially for someone like me who doesn't have an overly sweet tooth. On top of that Dairy Queen's fountain drink options are incredibly limited. 

Via Elizabeth Keith

So to sum up this entire meal, there is some good and most definitely some bad. On the plus side, you definitely get your money's worth. Coming in closer to $8 with Ontario tax for a burger, fries, a drink, and dessert is actually really good. The sides are also the absolute saving grace of this meal, especially those fries. 

On the downside, the burger is completely forgettable and is pretty much just another basic fast-food burger. The toppings are pretty much a total letdown and customers who are excited about getting that coveted bacon will end up completely disappointed too. 

My conclusion: if you go to Dairy Queen you should most definitely get the ice cream and fries, but definitely skip the burger altogether.