A "Weather Bomb" Is Coming For Atlantic Canada As Part Of A Big Winter Storm

Snow and strong winds made even stronger by a weather bomb are expected for some provinces.
A "Weather Bomb" Is Coming For Atlantic Canada As Part Of A Big Winter Storm
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Provinces in Atlantic Canada are in store for a blast of wintery weather this weekend. And the winter conditions have the potential for a rare but terrifying sounding weather event. A weather bomb in Atlantic Canada could bring damaging winds as part of a winter storm.

According to The Weather Network , a system will impact Atlantic Canada towards the end of the week and through the weekend and bring strong winds, high waves, rain, snow and possibly a weather bomb to the region.

"This will likely be the first big snowstorm of the season for the Maritimes," said meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg.

It's really going to be a mixed bag of weather for people in Atlantic Canada and the potential for a weather bomb could mean some damage in the area.

According to Canadian Geographic , a weather bomb happens when an area of low pressure outside of the tropics drops its pressure by 24 millibars or more in 24 hours. The lower the pressure drops, the more intense the storm's winds get.

With a weather bomb, destruction happens pretty quick.

That pressure drop is expected to happen with this storm making its way through Atlantic Canada.

Even without the weather bomb, winds are already expected to be especially strong during the storm on November 8 and November 9. The Weather Network is forecasting widespread coastal gusts of 70 to 100 km/h in the region.

And then there's the snow.

New Brunswick and western Newfoundland could see upwards of 20 centimetres of snowfall as part of this system.

Western parts of P.E.I. and northern parts of Nova Scotia could see some snow as well but most of those provinces along with eastern Newfoundland will mainly see rain.

Environment Canada has issued warnings about the wind and special weather statements about snow for parts of Newfoundland. All of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I. are under special weather statements for the mix of conditions expected.

In October, Nova Scotia was hit with a weather bomb as part of a fall storm that brought heavy rain, strong wind, and storm surge to the province.

The track of this storm might change and impact areas differently which could mean the difference between getting snow or rain. But it's best to be prepared for any situation, especially a weather bomb.

Weather bombs bring even stronger winds to already strong storms and big waves could also be a problem for coastlines as strong winds blow onshore.

Be sure to check your local forecast for continual updates and Environment Canada for warnings .

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