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Weed Will Not Be Legal In Canada In July Due To These Reasons

Cancel your Canada Day-420 plans.
Weed Will Not Be Legal In Canada In July Due To These Reasons

July 1st is the date that a lot of people have been waiting for when it comes to the legalization of cannabis. However, even though the government has made July 1st their target for a while, it seems as though they will need to push past that date for a few reasons. 

Bill C-45, which essentially is the legalization of cannabis bill, will need to be delayed according to Federal Health Minister Genette Petitpas Taylor. "There is going to be a transition period because we have to ensure that provinces and territories have the capacity to get the products in their shops." According to the Globe and MailTaylor states that they will need 8 to 12 weeks for their retail sales to be prepared. 

According to CBCthere is no exact date, but it's not about a date. Genette Petitpas Taylor says, "There's no exact date, but if you do the math, you'll see it won't be July 2018". She also goes on to say it's more about the process than a date, and they want the process done as seamlessly as possible. 

After doing the math, it seems like August is the new earliest date. It looks like we'll have to cancel all of the Canada Day-420 plans as marijuana will not be legal by then. However, it will most likely be legal by the end of the summer.