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7 Wild & Unique Places In Alberta That Look Like Another Planet

Who needs Mars when we've got Drumheller?
Weird Albertan Landmarks That Look Like They're From Another Planet

Life on Earth is pretty neat and all, but don't you wish you were in outer space instead? Well good news, because this province is full of strange and surreal natural landmarks that'll have your head spinning. These weird Albertan landmarks and trails will take you on a trip to the cosmos.

It's going to be at least a few days or even weeks before Elon Musk is able to send people to Mars. Why spend money going to the red planet when there are so many similarly strange and unexplainable areas to explore at home?

Alberta is probably one the wildest provinces out there, jam-packed with tons of little details and interesting places. It's definitely one of the more underrated tourist destinations in Canada, and not enough people know just how wild it can get.

From crazy rock formations to enormous planes of ice, Alberta has it all. And from scorching heat to freezing cold, the weather here is just like the planets in the solar system.

That's not to mention all the amazing hikes and sights you can find all throughout the province's seemingly endless space. It's well known that Alberta was voted "most likely to be from a different solar system" in its high school yearbook.

Maligne Canyon

Price: Free

Address: Jasper, AB

Why You Need To Go: The deepest canyon in the Rockies, this place is absolutely massive and deep, with wild trippy curves that look like Saturn.

The HooDoo Trail

Price: Free


Why You Need To Go: Take a walk through these historic "HooDoos," giant teeth-like rocks that reach up through the ground all around.

Athabasca Glacier

Price: ~$90

When: Friday, May 15 to Sunday, October 18

Address: Improvement District No. 12, AB

Why You Need To Go: This massive glacier has almost no end in sight and looks like a scene right out of "Interstellar."

Red Rock Coulee

Price: Free

Address: Red Rock Coulee, Orion, AB

Why You Need To Go: These enormous boulders are scattered all over the park, carved by the wind. Walking by, it looks like the surface of Mars.

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park

Price: Free

Address: Masinasin, Warner County No. 5, AB

Why You Need To Go: These ancient and wild rock formations used to be inhabited by Indigenous peoples thousands of years ago and their etchings and writings are still visible now.

Abraham Lake

Price: Free

Address: Abraham Lake, Clearwater County, AB

Why You Need To Go: Alberta's largest reservoir, this frozen lake is spotted all over with giant bubbles of frozen, explosive methane.

Big Rock Erratic

Price: Free

Address: Okotoks, AB

Why You Need To Go: This enormous rock is found in the middle of an enormous, empty field. How did it get there? Scientists say glaciers, but I'm pretty sure it's aliens

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