Now that summer arrived you might be looking for ways to beat the heat. One delicious way to do so is with a cold dessert! This summer you can get a Wendy's Canada Frosty Deal for just $0.99. 

If you are craving cool treats this summer, you're in luck, as there are tons of super cheap deals going on! Both Burger King and McDonalds have their soft serve cones for only $1 all summer long. But one deal you want to miss is Wendy's cold and cream Frosty.

The 99¢ Frosty deal is currently available now until September 8, 2019, according to Red Flag Deals. As part of the summer promotion, you can get both the chocolate and vanilla Frosty.

The deal is only available on the small size Frosty, and taxes are extra. No coupon is required for the 99¢ Frosty sale, and you can order as many Frostys as you want for this ultra-low price!

If you haven't had Wendy's Frosty before it is a real-milk dessert which is similar to a milkshake. The thick and creamy treat can be eaten with a spoon or a straw, but people also love to eat it by dunking in French Fries into it too. The chocolate version of the Frosty doesn't have an overly intense chocolate taste, so it pairs perfectly with burgers and fries!

With a price so low you can easily afford to enjoy a delicious small Frosty today! The 99¢ Frosty deal is available at participating Wendy's locations for a limited time. To find your nearest Wendy's location, visit Wendy's website.

Wendy's Canada 99¢ Small Frosty Deal

Sale Price: 99¢ plus tax for a small Frosty

When: now until September 8, 2019

Why you need it: A cold Frosty is the perfect way to cool down this summer!