WestJet Has Been Charging Their Baggage Fees In U.S Dollars Despite Being A Canadian Company And Customers Are Calling Them Out

West Jet is under fire for setting their baggage fees in USD for certain returning flights.
WestJet Has Been Charging Their Baggage Fees In U.S Dollars Despite Being A Canadian Company And Customers Are Calling Them Out

While WestJet was already criticized along with airlines such as Air Canada for raising their baggage prices last year, the low-cost airline is being called out yet again for their prices. This time passengers claim that the airline is taking advantage of a strong U.S dollar and Canadians travelling back home.

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It all started back in August when WestJet decided that return flights from destinations in the United States, Latin America and the Carribean would be subject to their baggage fees being set in U.S dollars. Taking the jump to $30 in baggage fees from last year in CAD to $40 in CAD if you are returning from any of those destinations due to the conversion from USD to CAD.  

Naturally, a lot of  passengers were frustrated considering that WestJet is a Canadian company, with many accusing the airline of taking advantage of their customers:

Hey @WestJet, why am I paying $30 USD for a checked bag when you’re a Canadian company, and I’m paying online? That’s insane.

December 22, 2018

Very disappointed with yet another cash grab from a Canadian airline! @WestJet now forcing customers departing from Mexico to pay USD baggage fees! What a joke.

January 29, 2019

WestJet claims that they charge in USD in those areas because the currency that baggage fees are charged in is based on which country the flight is departing from, regardless of the fact that the airline is Canadian. Though one customer named Zielke is still frustrated after being charged $30 USD when returning from Mexico. 

Zielke told CBC News what makes him so angry is that he "never even stepped foot in the United States" so he is still wondering why he was forced to pay in USD. Especially considering that he was returning from Mexico where the peso is significantly weaker, Zielke found the situation "very sketchy." 

Clearly, if you have a trip coming up or are planning one in the future, it's better safe than sorry to check up on the fine print when it comes to smaller fees that can pile up outside of the cost of your plane ticket, this goes for any airline company that you're flying with.

Considering that while a flight may seem cheap, you may end up paying more than you expected for something as simple as bag check depending on where you're going. 

Source:CBC News