Things got a little awkward at a Western University convocation on Monday, which has led the school to publicly apologize. Western University issued an apology for inappropriate comments that were said by a guest speaker during their address. Stephan Moccio, who is a music composer for the likes of Miley Cyrus and the Weeknd, found himself in hot water after addressing graduates and their families at Western’s Alumni Hall.

Moccio kicked off his 13-minute speech by reminiscing about a sign that he saw upon arriving in London, Ontario nearly 30 years ago:

“My earliest memory of driving in off the 401 with a sign that said, ‘Thank you fathers for dropping off your virgin daughters,’” Moccio said during his speech.

The Grammy-nominated composer then recited a jingle about Western’s Delaware Hall, which had been an all-female residence until 1986. “Ooh-ah, deli is the res, ooh-ah, deli is the res, you move to the left, you move to the right, peel your banana and oomph take a bite,” Moccio joked.

Western President Amit Chakma later released a news statement condemning Moccio's remarks and stated that the comments were “unacceptable and not in keeping with what Western values in a respectful learning and working environment."

You can watch Moccio's speech below (16:17):

“To the entire Western community, I sincerely apologize to those who attended the ceremony and any others who were offended by these remarks and the subsequent distraction it caused,” Chakma wrote in the statement.

Moccio himself also apologized in a statement on the university's website on Monday night, claiming that his words were hurtful to women’s issues on campus. “I apologize without hesitation to the entire Western community, graduates, family, and friends in attendance today."

“I realize the words chosen were not only wrong but undermine decades of work on this very campus to bring justice to important women’s issues. I will strive to better represent the values of my beloved alma mater in the future.”

Narcity reached out to Western University for a comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.