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WestJet Will Now Charge You Double For Your Bags On Trans-Atlantic Flights

The price hike is officially in effect.
WestJet Will Now Charge You Double For Your Bags On Trans-Atlantic Flights

WestJet just announced that they have increased baggage fees for basic fare flights to seven European cities. Under the new fees, the first checked bag will cost $60 and the second bag will cost $90. This WestJet baggage price hike has been effective from February 12, 2020, and will count for trips booked on or after March 31.

The trans-Atlantic cities included in this price hike are London, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome. So if you're travelling on a budget, you'll want to be aware of this when planning out your European adventures. 

According to the Calgary Herald, the new prices will only apply to those buying basic fares and will not be applicable for those purchasing higher tiers of tickets.

Econoflex fares, for example, are not affected by this increase. Anyone who is part of the WestJet Rewards program is also free from this price increase. 

As of now, baggage fees for routes to the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and domestic Canadian cities remain unchanged. 

WestJet spokesperson Morgan Bell explained to the Calgary Herald that these new baggage fees reflect the rising prices for the rest of the aviation industry.

They have been calculated on evaluations of demand, cost, and relativity to the competition.

Bell went on to explain that the new fee structure will allow passengers to have more options in terms of low budget travel. This is because the extra fee allows them to unbundle some of their service offerings.

Though the increase may not be catastrophic, it's something to keep in mind when embarking upon European travels

On WestJet's service fees webpage, they've also mentioned that they are increasing handling prices for certain sports equipment and firearms.

The fee increase comes after WestJet has just announced that they were extending their routes to Paris, London, and Dublin in October.

As for Air Canada, according to their official guide, for most basic flight bookings between Canada and Europe, the first bag costs you $70 and the second is $100. 

Only when you go beyond Europe and North America would you get the chance to check your first bag for free. In that case, it looks like we are heading to Thailand this summer

Narcity has reached out to WestJet for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response

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