Canadian Flight Attendant Goes Viral For Making Safety Demonstrations Hilarious (VIDEO)

He also does comics and voiceovers.
Canadian Flight Attendant Goes Viral For Making Safety Demonstrations Hilarious (VIDEO)

Some people like to inject their jobs with a bit of fun. One WestJet flight attendant took that to the next level in a viral video showing his hilarious safety brief. The act got plenty of attention, and it turns out that this employee is as artistic outside of planes as he is in them.

In videos going all the way back to 2011, Michael McAdam shows his skills at getting people to pay attention to standard safety procedures. 

A now-viral post showing off McAdam's routine from June 2019 was most recently shared on Facebook on February 14. At the time of publishing this story, it has racked up 30 million views and 204,000 shares.

In the clip, McAdam's physical comedy is entertaining and informative, providing crucial safety information while also helping passengers to laugh and relax before a flight.

His antics include dance moves to show where the exits are, panicking at the sight of the dropping oxygen mask, and not being able to work the seatbelt. In true Canadian fashion, he even does a French version of his routine as well.

McAdam has also manned the microphone (calling himself "Michael On The Mike"). Keeping with his personality, he makes jokes about his fellow employees and provides comedic instructions to the passengers.

"Our cabin crews are among the finest in the world and have contributed to the overall safety of our airline for the past 23 years," WestJet Spokeswoman Morgan Bell said in an email to Narcity.

Outside of entertaining people on planes, McAdam pursues other creative work and puts his talents to use as a voiceover performer.

According to his website, he has recorded commercials for both Maxwell Realty and Canadian North Cargo.

You can also hear some of his demo reels (the character demo includes "Slacker," "Wadsworth the Butler," and "Ranting Scotsman").

Beyond that, McAdam has also started his own comic book company called Two Gargoyles. He writes the stories and works with artists to bring them to the page.

Titles from Two Gargoyles include Twilight Detective Agency, about gargoyles who solve crimes, and Spectrum, a superhero story with LGBTQ themes.

Airplane comedy, voiceovers, and comic books? If only every single flight could have someone this fun on it.