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WestJet Is Getting Blasted For Having A Discriminatory Luggage Policy For People Flying To These Countries

It’s getting harder and harder to pack for a trip these days with airlines charging extra for certain types of luggage.

WestJet though has something even more annoying than that for some flights right now.

They've taken steps to decrease the standard amount of luggage on some flights depending on the country you are going too. 

Currently on WestJet flights to Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago passengers are only allowed to check two bags. 

The airline does make one exception though, which is if your third bag is "a golf bag containing golf clubs," which many would point out doesn’t help the vast majority of travellers.

The airline is currently in trouble after a passenger pointed this out on Twitter, saying the policy favoured tourists instead of people, like his mother, wasn’t allowed to bring an oversized bag on the plan that was taking her from Canada to Jamaica for a funeral. 

So, back to the story. I'm checking the baggage info to see what my mom will have to pay to bring an extra suitcase/or one that is "oversized". And I come across these policies from my mom's favourite airline & corporate citizen, @WestJet.

July 3, 2018

In a statement, WestJet said that the policy was in place “due to the amount of excess checked baggage brought by guests travelling to these particular destinations."

WestJet says it is now currently reviewing the policy. 

In the meantime, WestJet points out that if you need another bag you can use WestJet Cargo, its air shipping service. 

But until WestJet completes a review of the policy you’ll be stuck with only 2 checked bags flying to Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago.

Unless you have golf clubs that is. 


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