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WestJet Is Set To Go On Strike

Bad news for those with flight tickets.

If you have a flight booked on WestJet your plans may about to be thrown out the window. 

WestJet pilots officially voted in favour of strike action today. 

The vote was overwhelming, with 91 per cent of those who voted in favour of a strike.  

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There's no certain date for when pilots could walk off the job but it could be as early as the 19th of this month, which is just next week. However there is a tentative promise that this won't happen. 

"It's clear WestJet pilots are ready to stand up for the fair contract we deserve — one that puts us in line with our peers across the industry," said Rob McFadyen, chair of WestJet's Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) master executive council, in a statement.  

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"Our pilots have built this airline, and now it is time for our efforts to be properly recognized in terms of industry-standard compensation and working conditions, and real job security that prevents management from outsourcing our jobs," he said.  

The union represents around 1,500 WestJet pilots, and 500 WestJet encore pilots.   

Around 95 per cent of union members participated in the strike vote. 

The union and the airline have been working on a new contract for the pilots since the fall of last year but have been unable to agree on the terms of a deal.  

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Both the airline and union will remain at the bargaining table in the hopes that a deal can be reached.   

WesJet says that it is working on a plan for how to handle travellers if a solution for the pilots contracts cannot be found in time.

Source: CBC