Whenever you travel you never want to have your flight delayed as it can throw off all of your travel plans. One Canadian airline is getting recognition for being pretty good when it comes to not having so many delays. WestJet's on-time performance makes it the most punctual in Canada and one of the best in North America.

OAG, a travel data provider, released its annual report that looks at an airline's on-time performance because timing is everything you don't want to be delayed. Even a small setback could throw a wrench in your travels.

If you're travelling with a Canadian airline, in the annual report, one comes out above the rest.

Based on the WestJet's performance record, it is the most punctual carrier and has fewer delays than any other Canadian airline. 

The Calgary-based company also placed sixth out of 10 among airlines in North America in 2019 because of its record, making it one of the top carriers in the region.

WestJet had an on-time performance of 78.98% last year which isn't perfect but in most school systems is a solid B+.

While this doesn't guarantee there will be no delays on a flight with them, your chances of being on-time are still pretty good.

Hawaiin Airlines, Delta, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Southwest are all above WestJet in North America.

However, even the top carrier, Hawaiian Airlines, doesn't have a perfect on-time performance record.

OAG's rankings are based on 57.7 million flight records from 2019 and WestJet's ranking is based on flight status data for  98.9% of all of its scheduled flights.

Unlike WestJet, Air Canada only makes the list of top carriers when it's about mega airlines and even then it's in the last spot.

With an on-time performance of 66.42%, the Canadian carrier is 20th out of 20.

The airports in Calgary and Edmonton also made OAG's top 20 list of airports based on their performance records, the only Canadian ones to do so.

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