Whether you're a total vegan or just veg-curious, there's no stopping this wave of plant-based fast food coming our way. This week, A&W launched a new menu item that's got people talking. If you were wondering, what do A&W's "Plant-Based Nuggets" taste like? Then we've got your answers because we went out and tried them for you.

Last week, when we got the news that A&W would soon have nuggets made entirely out of plants, and we got so excited to get our hands on some.

Starting on Monday, December 2 select A&W locations in B.C. and Ontario started serving the vegan-friendly nuggets. There are even two plant-based dipping sauces: Barbecue and Sweet & Sour.

They come in two sizes: 6 pieces for $5.99 or 10 pieces for $8.99. 

Earlier in 2019, when A&W came out with their Beyond Meat burger, stores couldn't keep the delicious patties in stock and locations would routinely run out. 

Hot on their heels, Tim Hortons came out with their own Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches and burgers.

Canadians are now spoiled for choice when it comes to meat-free options at fast-food chains, but these latest nuggets at A&W are unlike anything you've ever tried. 

Here's my honest opinion on A&W's new ''Plant-Based Nuggets'':

I called ahead to make sure that the A&W near my home in Vancouver, B.C. had the nuggets available.

During the lunch rush, I lined up eagerly and saw that they did indeed have plant-based nuggets on the menu.

I was offered a choice of three dipping sauces: barbecue, sweet-and-sour, and honey mustard. They gave me all three because I asked nicely.

I was expecting them to come in a little box just like McNuggets, but mine actually just came in a small paper bag that said “onion rings” on it.

The first thing you notice about the nuggets when you open the bag is the smell, or should I say fragrance.

It doesn’t smell like any other plant-based meat I’ve ever tried before. It smells really well seasoned and almost earthy like mushrooms.

In my opinion, you can pass on the sweet-and-sour sauce, you want to go directly for the smokey barbecue or sweet honey mustard.

My first reaction when I ate it was that the texture was a bit like tuna.

It's not hard-packed like you would expect fake meat to be. Nor was it spongey like the frozen fake chicken nuggets you might get at your local grocery store.

The texture was light, flakey, and it was like biting into a crab cake with a crispy outside and tender inside.

The flavour was mild — there were no strong or overwhelming flavours coming through, only that it tastes vaguely a bit like chicken. 

To be honest, most meat chicken nuggets barely taste like chicken, too.

The verdict: While it wasn't as mouthwatering as their Beyond Meat Burger, the Plant-based Nuggets are a satisfying, crispy snack for anyone craving that comforting chicken flavour without the meat.

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