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What Even Is A Sex Doll Brothel And Why Are They Opening Up Across Canada

Everything you need to know about why sex doll brothels are the newest trend in adult entertainment.

North America's first ever sex doll brothel was set to open this month in Toronto but after an uproar in the city about the type of clientele this would attract, the city council decided to block the business completely. After only a week, the news of the brothel came and went, but it left numerous Canadians confused. 

Today, posters found all over Vancouver have announced that a sex doll brothel will be opening up in the city called BellaDoll's Mansion. A first for the city, the brothel promises "pure indulgence, absolute freedom, and a way to make all your fantasies reality."

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First and foremost, what is a sex doll brothel? While a brothel is defined as an area where people can meet sex workers and exchange money for sexual encounters, a sex-doll brothel offers a new alternative. People seeking sexual encounters can visit a sex-doll brother to have an experience with an inanimate doll and live out their wildest fantasies.

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Sex doll brothels have already been found in other places around the world, such as European countries like Italy and France, as well as Asian countries like Japan. In fact, a visit to Japan is exactly what inspired the attempt to open the Toronto sex-doll brothel. 

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So why are these types of businesses gaining traction and even more so why are they coming to Canada? Well, that's a tricky question. 

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Some argue that the reason the sex-doll brothels are so popular is that the sexual encounters are one-sided, meaning that only one person needs to have control and consent to have sex. Unlike two partners consenting to engage in sexual acts, users of sex doll brothels can pay to ensure that their wildest fantasies come true. 

Not only that, they're promised such. Vancouver's first brothel even advertises on their website that visitors can "forget the restrictions and limitations that come with a real partner and unleash with BellaDolls."

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A brothel that opened in Barcelona actually replaced it's sex workers with sex dolls instead, a choice that led to them being visited by hundreds. While residents in the area complained, cops found the facility had to move locations to offer more privacy to the brothel's clientele. 

Another Italian sex doll brothel was booked for weeks straight upon opening earlier this month. 

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Others argue that having brothels of these kinds are bad for women. In fact, Toronto's NOW Magazine published an article that pointed out how dangerous it can be to give violent sexual experiences power. When you take consent out of the conversation, it makes it seem as though violence during sex is totally okay. 

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The dolls are typically made from silicone and can be found in various ethnicities, ages, and even have names assigned to them. The experience is supposed to feel "virtually identical" to a sexual encounter with a human partner minus that the doll is inanimate. 

So why is it that Canada is beginning to see more of these types of businesses opening up? That's due to some major shifts in the adult entertainment industry, such as strip clubs across the country closing and the switch to people enjoying pornography in the privacy of their own homes. 

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Posters advertising sex doll brothel plastered in downtown Vancouver https://t.co/3PGQ9lHb1u pic.twitter.com/6cFU38ybou

September 25, 2018

Right now, the new Vancouver brothel is offering sessions from a half an hour to two full hours, with prices ranging between $90 to over $240. Interested clientele will only be given the address upon booking to visit the BellaDoll's Mansion for privacy. 

The west coast sex doll brothel ensures a great deal of importance on hygiene, with their website reading "BellaDoll is thoroughly sanitized with industry approved products by highly trained personnel."

It seems like this is adult entertainment trend is here to stay in Canada, but we'll see if Vancouverites push out this brothel as they did in Toronto.