What Is The "Turkey Dump" And Why You Should Be Worried About It This Weekend

The Thanksgiving holiday is notoriously known for being the weekend of the “turkey dump.”

Autumn is officially in full swing in Canada and we couldn't be more thankful. From the changing colours on the trees to the crisp fall air, delicious seasonal lattes, and more, this time of year is all about reconnecting with family and friends for the Thanksgiving weekend.

You may be day-dreaming of pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes as you plan your trip back home from college, but be careful. It may feel like all is right in the world but there is something else that Thanksgiving weekend brings and that is the notorious "turkey dump." 

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It's that time of year where Canadians crave change and if you're in a relationship, this weekend can smell like trouble instead of turkey. 

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Another slang term for this weekend is also "dumpsgiving" which obviously implies the same thing as "turkey dump." So what actually is a "Turkey Dump", let us tell you. 

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The turkey dump is well-known phenomenon in Canada because Canadian Thanksgiving is only one month after students move away to college or university. After experiencing a new life away at post-secondary students typically want to break away from their long-distance girlfriend or boyfriend back at home or away at another college. This is where the turkey dump comes into play. 

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Since everyone and their mother (literally) is at home for Thanksgiving weekend, it's the perfect time to cut the cord on your new college boo. The turkey dump has basically become a ritual cleansing for kids in college and university for relationships that won't hold the test of time. Whether you're a dumper or a dumpee, at least there is comfort in a giant feast after going through some serious emotional trauma like a breakup. 

Fun idea: instead of turkey dump this weekend, someone turkey date me

September 30, 2018

One major downside to the turkey dump is awkwardly separating your plans with someone, like attending Thanksgiving dinners or any other family events over the holiday.

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Seriously, no one wants to explain to their Aunt Muriel why their boyfriend dumped them and left an extra seat at the table, all because he found a cuter health science major at school. 

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The term was actually used on the Canadian teen drama Degrassi in the season 13 episode Spiderwebs. When Bianca DeSousa returns home for the weekend without telling her boyfriend, Drew Torres, get's told it sounds like a "classic turkey dump."  

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As avid Degrassi fans know, the classic turkey dump scene hit home because this common Thanksgiving practice happens every single year. While some couples come out strong, many of us have experienced first hand that some relationships just do not last. 

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But the turkey dump is quite real beyond Canadian television. In fact, back in 2015, a young man named Brandon got his revenge with a very public turkey dump. He rips his lover apart in the flyer, ending it with "hope you enjoyed your turkey, cause ya just got DUMPED!" 

The university student posted orange flyers all over University campuses in order to tell his now ex-girlfriend, Lauren, that it was officially over after he saw some concerning text messages on her phone while she showered. 

Turkey Dump weekend is upon us! Wishing that you are the dumper and not the dumpee this Thanksgiving. 🦃💩 #TurkeyDump #SpottedAtWestern

October 9, 2017

So, don't get gobbled up in your emotions this weekend and be prepared for the worst. Being single in post-secondary is just as fun and wonderful as being in a relationship, so cure your broken heart with some pumpkin pie and your mom's homemade stuffing. 

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Just know that if your heart gets broken this weekend there are plenty of other Canadians out there suffering in the same turkey dump pain you are.