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What Is The "You Like My Hair" Meme And Why Is It Completely Blowing Up Right Now

What is the "You Like My Hair" meme and why Ariana Grande is breaking the internet today.
What Is The "You Like My Hair" Meme And Why Is It Completely Blowing Up Right Now

The entire internet is blowing up right now with a new meme leaving many people asking what is the "You Like My Hair" meme? The meme, which is completely flooding people's Instagram and Twitter feeds right now involves people posting pictures of hair, usually extensions and wigs and captioning them "you like my hair? gee thanks, just bought it." 

If you have no idea what this is a reference to, we're here to answer that question. This entire new trend is all because of one person, Ariana Grande. The pop-queen dropped a new song today and already is becoming super iconic. In her latest single, 7 Rings, Ari sings, "you like my hair, gee thanks, just bought it" and now the internet has taken over the lyric and run with it. 

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The line has essentially become the new "cash me ousside, how bow dah?" which was an iconic meme from Danielle Bregoli, who appeared on Dr. Phil back in 2017. Now though, "you like my hair?" has dethroned it and is quickly rising in popularity. People everywhere are using the new line to simply praise Ariana Grande, show off their hair, and most importantly to make fun of people on the internet. 

A popular trend arising with the meme is people online posting pictures of celebrities, characters, from shows, or even existing memes who are either already wearing wigs or photoshopped with them on and quoting the Ariana lyric. 

you likemy hair?gee, thanks.just bought it.

January 18, 2019

You like, my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it 💕

January 18, 2019

you like my hair? gee thanks, just bought it

January 18, 2019

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Some of them are actually hilarious. 


January 18, 2019

You likeMy hair?Gee, thanksJust bought

January 18, 2019

You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it.

18 January 2019

The memes may be brand new, but the line isn't. Ariana Grande actually captioned one of her older Instagram posts from October 2018. While her caption was a mystery at the time it's clear now she was hinting at this new track. 

The track "7 Rings" came out this morning and as of 1:30 PM EST it is already #1 on Youtube and has over 10 million views. 

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