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Tim Hortons Employees Are Revealing The 'Stupidest' Orders & They're Pretty Weird (VIDEO)

Would you have a raisin bagel with onions on top?
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Tim Hortons Employees Are Revealing The 'Stupidest' Orders & They're Pretty Weird (VIDEO)

How weird can you get? Working in the food service industry isn't easy. It's even harder when you have to deal with difficult customers and strange requests.

So how complicated can it get? Well, it turns out that Tim Hortons' wildest orders were revealed by its workers and some of them are beyond weird.

According to, approximately 15% of Canadians visit Tim Hortons every day in 3,500 locations across the country. The website also says that the popular chain serves 2 billion cups of coffee each year — and on top of that — nearly 8 out of every 10 cups of coffee sold in Canada are poured at one of their locations.

With those kinds of stats, staff are bound to get some pretty bizarre orders.

While you may wonder if your extra sugar, extra shot coffee order is a little picky, some people are very specific about what they want. In a thread posted on Reddit, Tim Hortons employees listed the "stupidest" orders they’ve ever received, and it might just make your coffee look boring.

It seems by far the strangest ones are coffee-related, with many of the employees pained by the incredible amounts of cream, sugar, and syrup customers like in their hot drinks.

Although it seems it's not just coffee that gets altered to the extreme, all sorts of hot drinks are chopped and changed to get the drinks just as customers like them.

But quirky hot-drink lovers aren't alone — fans of strange bagel requests are right up there with them.

However, Timmies regulars on Twitter are not at all ashamed of their unusual orders.

Whatever you decide to order from Tim Hortons next time, no matter how syrupy or sugary, do it knowing yours is not the worst — probably.

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