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What Police Have Discovered In Mac Miller’s Home Is Raising Suspicion On His Cause Of Death

Ever since the news of Mac Miller’s death broke last week, the rap world has been mourning the loss of the influential artist.

While it was previously determined earlier that the 26-year-old rapper’s death was an overdose, further news has surfaced, after police searched the Pittsburgh native’s home. Their discovery is raising serious speculation on how Miller actually died.

While it was well known by both fans and friends of Miller that the rapper frequently used drugs, and drugs were found in the home when he was discovered, police noticed the rest of the house was “scrubbed clean.” No other drugs could be found anywhere else on the property apart from the one that killed him, and many are wondering what this could mean. 

It has raised suspicion because, in such situations, it would be normal to find other drugs around the house. But, it seems as though someone had actively gone to the house at some point and cleaned any other drugs or drug residue before police could investigate.

The coroner has even gone as far as to change Miller's cause of death to "deferred" due to the need for further investigation. Some fans are even considering that Miller's drugs could have been purposely sabotaged.

Before you let your mind wander to that dark assumption, other fans have considered the scenario that a friend or family member of Mac’s had done it. The reason? Most likely to avoid what happened to Whitney Houston when she was found at the time of her death. Photos from the inside of her house were leaked to the press and released to the public, exposing a sensitive moment for Houston’s family to millions of people.

I’m assuming whoever found him cleaned it up to protect his image (I guess) so I don’t wanna assume the other option :(

September 9, 2018

Where police will go from this point remains unclear, and the world continues to mourn the rapper. Miller’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande broke her silence this weekend with an Instagram post of Miller with no caption after being bombarded with hateful comments that forced her to disable comments on any of her photos.

J. Cole, a friend of Miller’s, spoke about the 26-year-old’s influence on the rap game at his concert, and many other artists have spoken up about their memories with the young star. It’s clear the music community has lost a massive influence and inspiration that will be forever remembered.

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