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These Are The Top Boy Names For The New Royal Baby

Maybe you haven't heard, but the newest Royal Baby just arrived! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed a baby boy into the world on May 6th, and unlike the other Royal Baby births, we don't know much information. Meghan and Harry have made it clear they want privacy for the first couple of days, and so that's what they're getting. But what will Meghan Markle name her baby?! 

Prince Harry and Meghan didn't even spill their due date or what the gender of their baby was, so it's clear that they most likely didn't tell anyone the name of their unborn son. But now that he's here, we can now speculate what his Royal name will be. 

Fans all around the world have been placing bets on the name, the birthday, the gender, and so on. If you guessed May 6th, then you're a lucky one! For the past couple of weeks, everyone has been pretty anxious to see when Meghan and Prince Harry's first child would arrive. Prince Harry even had to reschedule a work trip last week which got people talking even more. 

While we won't know for sure what the baby's name will be until it's announced, there are a few top choices for the little boy. Maybe they'll name him Harry Jr., but there are a few other names that they have to consider first.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex won't give birth to a prince. The baby's new title will be Earl of Dumbarton which is a title that Prince Harry was given on his wedding day. Now that we've covered titles, let's cover baby names!

There is a 50% chance that his name will be Albert, which is the name of Queen Victoria’s husband. This isn't the first time Albert has been in the name pool, as Prince Louis was also going to be named Albert. He may also be named after Prince Philip, which is Prince Harry's grandfather. Other names that are top choices are Arthur, James, and Alexander. 

We cannot wait to hear the actual name and the meaning behind it. Congrats to the new parents! Prince Harry just broke his silence on the birth, and what he said what absolutely adorable. You can view the video here

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